What’s On Trend For Retail In 2022? Here Are 5 Predictions

Trendy modern grocery store with QR codes banner
By Bryan Pearson on December 3, 2021  ||  Forbes If the past two years have taught the retail industry anything, it’s to meet the unexpected, eye-to-eye, with more of the unexpected.  Unexpected as in surprising channels, unpredictable brand partnerships and even a dose of the expected. Because consumer desires have not changed; they still want shopping to ... Read more

The Human Store: How Hy-Vee, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret and Camp Do it

Adults and their kids exploring colorful, interactive store exhibit banner
Among the reinvented retail formats we have seen that meet post-pandemic shopper expectations, few resonate as deeply as the efforts by some retailers and brands to create authentic, human experiences. What does this mean? From our recent Future Shop® podcast, WSL leaders explain what makes a “human store,” with boots-on-the-ground, Retail Safari® examples.  Your Store ... Read more

The MedMall Delivers the Convenient Healthcare Shoppers/Patients Demand

Collage of retailers that feature medmalls and retail pharmacy - banner
As stores leave malls and shopper/patients demand more convenient medical care, what could be more convenient than healthcare in the local mall? The Big Business of WELL movement is becoming the anchor in malls across the country, seizing the opportunity presented by empty retail space. WSL runs a temperature check on “MedTail” to help you ... Read more

Beauty Breaks Barriers in Health, Safety and Innovation

Collage of beauty stores in Mumbai, Sydney, and Ginza - banner
Shoppers have been inspiring remarkable retail innovations across categories, but in few areas are the results as noteworthy as in beauty’s healthy, safety and digitally progressive experiences. WSL’s Virtual Retail Safari® Open Call Event, scheduled for March 11, captures the most visionary and shopper-inspired examples. Healthy Beauty is an Exercise in Getting it Right For years, ... Read more

WSL’s Virtual Retail Safari® Reveal Reimagined Stores

Retail Safari promo banner with maps and location marker illustrations on laptop screen
The year 2020 not only redefined shopping, it helped re-engineer what stores look like now. WSL Retail Safari® scouts explored some of the most forward-looking changes in the physical store. Following are concepts worth watching, from our recent tours. What Kinds of Stores are Your Shoppers Returning To? The physical store was changing long before ... Read more

A Glimpse of WSL’s Retail Safari® 2020

WSL has eyes and ears around the globe looking at Retail Innovation.  Get a glimpse into what we’ve been scouting: Sign up for our latest shopper and retail research and insights. Get our latest thinking on what’s next with shoppers and retail. Subscribe Published Jul 14 2020 Share Related Topics Retail Safari® Reopened Retail: A ... Read more

Retail Safari® Reopened Retail: A Look at Copenhagen

  What’s with the sneakers? As retail reopened in the US and around the world, one category that shoppers flocked to is sneakers. Did feet grow as America was locked down? Do new-found home fitness routines require new yoga shoes? Or is it part of shoppers’ continuing passion for comfort and wellbeing? This isn’t just ... Read more

Retail Safari® Reopened Retail: A Look at Israel

The COVID-19 retail rollercoaster. Israel was one of the first countries to issue “stay at home” orders back in February and one of the first to begin reopening in mid-May. Zack, our Israel Scout, noted that shortly after full reopening (including retail, restaurants, salons) cases spiked then declined again. What should we anticipate and how ... Read more

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