Gen Z Cares But Expects Retailers to Care More

Gen Z woman wearing mask with shopping icons floating around her - banner
Members of Gen Z care about social issues, but they also demand that retailers and brands make sustainable, conscious consumerism easy to achieve. We pulled Gen Z responses from two How America Shops® 2021 reports and compiled the results, to reveal a telling pattern. Do You Really Know What Gen Z Cares About? WSL’s recent How America Shops® study, “The ... Read more

Are You Honest Enough for Shoppers? 5 Steps to Get There

Pink and red banner featuring statistics on what shoppers want retailers to be honest about
We asked shoppers to speak their truths about what they buy, how and why, and learned this: They expect the companies they purchase from to take responsibility for social change and to authentically PROVE it. In short, companies must “show” they are more sustainable, fair and community-focused – across all the media their customers use. Here ... Read more

4 Steps to Win Shoppers by Showing You Care, from Neurologist Dr. Gayatri Devi

The path to connecting with your shoppers requires showing you care about them, and that goes well beyond keeping them safe. Here are 4 tips on how to show you care from leading neurologist Dr. Gayatri Devi. Shoppers have got pandemic life down, but is that enough? The frenzy of the first six months of ... Read more

Shoppers are Taking Back WELL: 5 Ways Retail Can Help

Remember December, when so many people resolved to include holistic wellness in their foods, products, and activities? The pandemic sidelined the healthy-living movement for many, but now, after several months of sheltering-in-place, shoppers are reclaiming the concept of personal and family wellness in all they do. Here’s how retail stores can help. Shoppers Are So ... Read more

Shoppers Need Mental Relief: How Brands & Retailers Can Help

Consumers have been trying to minimize stress for some time, including in their shopping trips. Now COVID-19 has added an unpredicted level of complexity and angst to that pursuit. We looked into how brands and retailers are easing stress among pandemic-minded shoppers, and came back with three guidelines. Shoppers Need Mental Therapy. How are You ... Read more

Caring During COVID-19 Crisis: Learning from Costco, CVS, Alibaba and Others

The most important acts retailers and brands can take while scrambling to adapt to the COVID-19 epidemic are acts of kindness. Based on the results of our recent “Caring Score” research, shoppers are most likely to stick to those retailers and brands that are proving now that they care about their workers and communities. From ... Read more

Find Out How Retailers are Eliminating Packaging

The fringe movement of sustainability is moving into the mainstream, fast. Nearly 90% of your shoppers are reusing the bottles and bags their products come in, and we predict they will focus on “first-use” packaging next. The WSL “Fill’er Up” report shows how three merchants are eliminating waste and discovered the movement is well beyond ... Read more

What does ‘Change Now’ Mean? 5 Shopping Shifts to Watch

Forget merchandise, Forget promotions. Forget ads. Being a part of change today means accepting that shoppers expect retail to play a fundamentally different role in their lives. And they expect it Now. Our How America Shops® report, “Change Now,” is a real-time example of how much faster change is occurring now. The controversies surrounding climate ... Read more

A New Set of Values is Changing Shopping Life

In 2020, brands and retailers are shifting their focus to paying it forward, with missions that support responsible living, global preservation, inclusion and other practices that support positive change. But how do you prioritize what will make shoppers happy? WSL’s latest How America Shops® research delves into the new shopper values. It’s 2020, Do You ... Read more

Caring Scores. Do Shoppers Believe You Care About Their Health?

Retailers are talking big about wellness, showcasing chemical-free beauty products, all-natural lines and affordable organics, but few shoppers are buying that retailers genuinely care about their health. It’s not enough to say your brand philosophy sits cozily on the corner of “Happy and Healthy,” or that you’ve been providing health care for 100 years, or that ... Read more

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