Kroger Health President Talks ‘Food as Medicine’ Strategy

Health foods pouring out from a medication bottle - banner
Wendy Liebmann, WSL CEO, Interviews Kroger Health President, Colleen Lindholz, on Kroger’s Health Strategy. When the supermarket giant Kroger decided to embark on its “Food as Medicine” strategy, it did not overthink it. In fact, its companywide approach is disarmingly simple, explains Kroger Health President Colleen Lindholz: It answers three basic questions with affordable solutions, ... Read more

4 Ways to Get Ahead of the Real Financial Crisis

We could take some encouragement from the recent jump in retail sales, but let’s keep it measured. WSL’s research shows as many as half of Americans remain pessimistic about their financial security, depending on socioeconomic conditions. That figure is likely to rise as unemployment and stimulus checks dry up. Our latest How America Shops® research ... Read more

New Mall Corporate Strategy: Health Hubs for Convenience

Massive hospital complexes are so 2015. Today’s healthcare providers have their fingers on the pulse of retail real estate and are swooping in to transform store space into exam and procedural rooms. We share some unfolding examples, and the active role retailers can play based on our consumer survey results. Malls are Replacing Checkouts with ... Read more

Holiday Shopper Talk: Stockings to be Half Full

As if the nation needed one more opinion on which to be divided: Half of shoppers are now giving the thumbs down to buying more gifts this holiday season. What is especially scary is those most likely to cut back are the youngest shoppers. Here’s what our 2019 Holiday How America Shops® research reveals. Will ... Read more

Holiday Shopper Talk: Shoppers Call Off Black Friday

Who’s waiting for Black Friday? Fewer people than last year. Holiday shopping is increasingly becoming an all-season affair, diluting the deal-busting power of Black Friday. This isn’t necessarily bad news – as long as retailers recognize the advantages behind the trend. Here’s what our 2019 Holiday How America Shops® research reveals. This Holiday Season, Any Day ... Read more

A Peek Into the Health Store of the Future

The future of health care is being seized by retail, from innovative independents offering to relieve joint pain to Walmart installing examination rooms. All of which means the health store of the future is still a free-for-all. We have four observations to help retailers ensure they remain in the health industry’s heartbeat. Health Stores Are ... Read more

Grocers are Right-Sizing the Shopper Experience: Giant, Hy-Vee, Publix

Socializing in the store aisle is sooo 2017. Today, experiential retail increasingly centers on efficiency rather than entertainment. The trick is understanding the changing definitions of each. For grocery brands Giant, Publix, Hy-Vee and others, it comes down to right-sizing the experience. Here’s what all retailers could learn from them. Aiming to hit the bullseye ... Read more

Gen Z is Already Telling You How They are Changing Wellness. Get Ahead!

It will be five years before retailers and brands experience the full economic force of Gen Z, but already this group of shoppers is dropping hints of how things are going to change. And a lot of that change involves their perceptions of wellness. Here’s a heads-up, from our How America Shops® research. Gen Z ... Read more

3 Ways to Get Voice-Activated Devices to Pay Off (Hint: You Need a Screen)

Can we talk about voice technology in retail? If retailers are investing in VA technology, they need to be doing so in areas beyond saving time and easy refills. These qualities are building blocks, but growth follows sales, and sales follow browsing. And that browsing must be displayed as well as heard, hands-free. Based on ... Read more

Gen Z Is Ignoring Your Loyalty Program – Here’s Why

Retailers count more reward program memberships than any other industry – 1.6 billion in the U.S. Keeping those members active is another matter, however, and the challenge may be even greater among young Gen Z members. Here’s why, and four insights into how to click with Gen Z. There are 78 million of them. And ... Read more

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